• variety of cannibus topicals
    Natural Healing
    Organic cannabis products
    for natural healing, pain relief and beauty.
  • variety of cannibus topicals
    Organic Products
    We make natural, industrial hemp derived isolate infused beauty products
    and a special scented pain relief
  • variety of cannibus topical products
    Revitalize Skin
    Providing you with the first ever
    hemp cellulite scrub

Welcome to
Gods Gift Botanicals

“Love, Light, and Personal Liberty”

I have a tug in my heart to bring comfort and create natural beauty. Gods Gift Botanicals make natural, hemp infused beauty products and a special scented pain relief created from the Bible.

We are the cultivators of a medicinal plant that God created to be shared with the world to assist in reducing or eliminating their approach on the synthetic pharmaceutical drugs while encouraging a healthy life style.

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Meet The Cultivator

My name is Isabel Kirschner. I am a God fearing woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister, a cultivator. And more recently, an entrepreneur in making Industrial Hemp Derived Isolate infused products such as topicals and exfoliators for beauty and pain relief.

I was first introduced to the business a few years ago when my husband and I took a leap of faith and decided to make the investment in our own garden. Since investing, I’ve met beautiful compassionate people about this hemp plant and many avenues have opened up for me. I chose to participate in organizations such as OC NORML Chapter as well as Women Grow Orange County and most importantly my church. All these organizations intertwine with each other for me because it took my cultivating experience to a different level. Now, I use my own product (flower) to infuse hemp in other products as well.

2015 was my turning point from cultivator to entrepreneur. My 46 year old husband, Ted, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer and being so advanced, I couldn’t sit back and watch him suffer the way he was. I attended expos, went to meetings, networked with nurses, read, prayed and did some more reading and praying.

Then before my husband’s first round of chemo & radiation he was donated some Rick Simpson Oil as well as a topical for his pain through some respectful and well known hemp innovators in the industry. The more I looked into these topicals/salve, the more fascinated I was becoming by the healing properties of this plant.

Being a spiritual person and daily reading my Bible, I couldn’t help but use the recipe that’s in the Holy Bible for my husband’s suffering. I hesitated immensely at first because I didn’t “think” it was biblical to reproduce this healing ointment. But to my comfort, I met with my pastor and he was all for natural healing and agreed that this plant should be used for His purpose and “to heal the sick!”

So I took that confirmation and now I’m sharing it with the world. I am at the beginning stage of what God has called me to do. To share my products and to let people know that each one of us is God’s Gift. The balm is a start to sharing my testimony. I’ve come from a life of darkness to a life of light. Hemp just happens to be that aid in sharing a message. It is a cultural reintroduction of the sacrament used in the bible, Jesus’s time. The healing properties in the plant are what’s my main concern. I’ve smoked plenty of weed, wax, shatter and hash in my lifetime. It’s more than getting high for me now. It’s about love, light and personal liberty for people who want healing.

I am here to provide products that are all natural, organic and proudly handmade and packaged here in America. I am here to serve those that are looking for a remedy that actually works and brings comfort to pain. I personally believe this once-illicit drug is reshaping life for people. I also wholeheartedly believe that this plant needs to be respected and not abused. But when used with discernment, it can help a lot of people.

Luke 10:9, 10:34